Solar powered mowing, organic lawn treatment.

A cleaner, quieter choice for your family and your neighborhood.

Oahu Lawn Care

Hawaii’s first sustainable lawn care company!

HealthyLawn Hawaii us Honolulu’s lawn care provider for clean, quiet and sustainable lawn care. We use solar powered electric mowers, trimmers and blowers, organic lawn treatment and irrigation/soil consultation to keep your yard looking beautiful without the pollution, smells and noise of traditional lawn care services and equipment. For bigger jobs, we use biodiesel riding mowers and when technological limitations prevent us from using sustainable equipment, we purchase carbon offsets to make certain that when you use HealthyLawn Hawaii, you’re carbon footprint is zero!

  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Sustainable


We offer Honolulu lawn care that is:


The E.P.A. finds that over 54 million gas mowers are used each week. This leads to the use of 800 million gallons of gasoline, causing 5-10 percent of pollution in the United States. That pollution goes through your house first by way of fumes wafting across your home, school or place of business. Our electric powered equipment's emissions are reduced to zero when run on renewable energy.


Your children are taking a nap; students are studying. You don’t want to be rushing to close windows every week because your lawn is being cut by gas driven engines driving mowers, trimmers and blowers. Gas mowers produce around 100 decibels of noise, while the human ear can only tolerate noise up to 90 decibels.

Electric is QUIET and won’t disturb your home, school or place of business. Mowing with electric equipment can reduce noise by 50-70% compared to traditional equipment.

Environmentally friendly

By using HealthyLawn Hawaii’s services you know you are doing your bit to help the broader environment by using sustainable means to keep a beautiful lawn. You are benefitting your family, your students, your employees by way of less pollution in the air, less artificial chemicals in the ground and less water wasted.
Solar charged mowers contribute no pollution and use none of our non-renewable resources. Clean and quiet, keep your windows open!
Organic fertilizer treatment is safer for your family than chemicals based treatment. No more keeping the pets inside for 24 hours until it’s safe to go back outside. You are also doing your part to protect our coral reefs. An organic lawn treatment plan combined with intelligent irrigation reduces harmful chemicals and run off.

Our Promise to You

HealthyLawn Hawaii is not only committed to providing a healthy alternative to traditional Honolulu lawn care services but we are also equally committed to providing world class customer support. As homeowners in the community we serve, we know the value of excellent service, support and follow through. We also know the frustration that comes with a less than professional service. For HealthyLawn Hawaii, if it’s not right, we’ll fix it and we’ll also make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Find out how we can help you to keep your lawn beautiful but without the fumes, chemicals and noise that comes with traditional Honolulu lawn care!

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