Solar Powered Mowing, Trimming and Blowing


Sometimes it’s hard to see the difference you make by reducing your carbon footprint. Using electric lawn care certainly does its part, electric mowers emit 3,300 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less CO and one-fifth as much NOx as gas lawn mowers. Emissions are reduced to zero when batteries are charged using HealthyLawn Hawaii’s solar charging system.

What’s not hard to notice is the difference solar powered mowers make at your home and in powered mowers mean closed windows for you and your neighbors. Using HealthyLawn Hawaii and our solar powered mowers means the only smell entering your house is the smell of fresh cut grass!

The EPA reports that one hour of mowing with a traditional gas mower or other small engine produces 93 times more smog emissions, as well as the equivalent pollution to 40 late model cars or the hydrocarbons of an SUV driving for 23.600 miles.


Along with the fumes coming in through the windows, gas powered mowers, trimmers and blowers are sure to disrupt your home with noise levels above 100 decibels. Be glad you’re not behind the mower as anything over 90 decibels causes hearing damage. HealthyLawn Hawaii’s solar powered equipment runs at roughly the 65 – 85 decibel range. We make being a thoughtful neighbor a whole lot easier!

For larger commercial, government and school properties, HealthlyLawn Hawaii will use a combination of biodiesel and solar powered riding mowers to provide a professional service in the most beneficial, sustainable method available.

Organic Treatment

Traditional fertilizer is a special issue for us locally. Chemical fertilizers find their way into the ocean as part of run off during storms. The excessive chemicals contribute to water pollution and have been linked to coral reef damage. Organic fertilizer treatment in conjunction with irrigation reduction strategies reduce the run off and the amount of chemicals contained.

Closer to home, traditional fertilizer applications use enough chemicals to require keeping children and pets off the grass for 24 hours. Chemical based fertilizers are harmful to pets and children – leading brands of chemical fertilizers contain many known or suspected carcinogens and reproductive, developmental, liver and blood toxicants.*  HealthyLawn Hawaii’s organic fertilizer treatment means you don’t have to worry if a green lawn means an unsafe environment for your family.

Organic fertilizers provide soil with the nutrients it naturally craves, organic lawn care fosters the growth of organic matter and microorganisms, producing healthier plants over a longer period of time. While inorganic fertilizers offer some of the same benefits, the environmental and economic cost is not worth the end result. Chemical fertilizers only help your lawn superficially but behind the scenes, these products are polluting groundwater, breaking down healthy soil, and causing harm to humans, animals, and the ecosystem.

* 2001 study results, California Public Interest Research Group.

Irrigation/Soil Analysis

Traditional irrigation schedules see a short daily burst of water in the morning or the evening. Not only does this schedule lead to an unhealthy lawn, promoting shallow root development and opportunities for weeds, it costs you money. HealthyLawn Hawaii will perform a complete analysis of your property and its irrigation needs. If your system waters daily our program when implemented can reduce your water usage by 30-50%!

HealthyLawn’s soil analysis ties all aspects of a healthy lawn together by determining what organic lawn treatment combined with an efficient irrigation schedule is right for you. No two lawns are alike, HealthyLawn Hawaii will do what’s right for your lawn, not what is easiest to implement across multiple customers and neighborhoods.