Oahu school lawn care, making schoolyards safe and healthy for our children

HealthyLawn Hawaii is bringing safe and healthy school lawn care to Oahu. Children spend much of their time in schools and playing on schoolyards. By improving the environmental quality of a school’s grounds maintenance program, schoolyards will be a healthier and safer place for children to play, exercise and enjoy their breaks.

Clean & Quiet Landscape Maintenance

HealthyLawn Hawaii uses emissions-free, quiet electric equipment for areas close to school buildings and larger mowers run on locally produced biodiesel for fields. Our electric equipment is 50-70% quieter than gas-powered mowers creating peaceful learning environments. The electric equipment releases zero emissions, improving the air quality surrounding schools and reducing childhood asthma aggravators. Additionally, HealthyLawn Hawaii’s unique approach to lawn care offers learning opportunities for local children. Talking about the environment and the importance of preserving our precious resources takes on greater meaning when the children see the school’s practicing what is taught in the classroom.

Organic Fertilization Program

HealthyLawn Hawaii uses organic fertilizers to keep schoolyards green. Conventional fertilizers are petroleum based and cause damage to local wildlife and waterways. Our fertilizers are plant-based and safe for children. No need to stay off the grass!